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Like most stay-home mothers, Annie-Lize Tsinosis and Leah Lambert found that, between changing nappies in the mornings and picking their kids up from school in the afternoons, they had a little spare time on their hands. And like most stay-home mothers, they decided to pick up a hobby – in this case, it was creating beautiful handcrafted accessories made of precious stones that became a hit among friends and family.

Stones That Rock | Annie-Lize Tsinonis and Leach Lambert | Travelshopa


Unlike most stay-home mothers, however, that hobby eventually grew into a full-fledged business, as word-of-mouth spread the news of their intricate designs and, thus, Stones That Rock was born.

The thing that sets Stones That Rock apart from other run-off-the-mill handmade accessory shops is expert craftsmanship that shows in each and every necklace and bracelet that the shop puts out.

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“Our latest collection in particular is all about craftsmanship – there’s a lot of Asia-based skills involved, such as Chinese styles of crafting, and we even tap into Indian knotting skills,” they offer.

Having worked with the same craftsmen for nine years, the online store promises pieces that display excellent care, skill and quality, visible even to the untrained eye. As each piece is individually designed you can be sure that no two pieces are alike so anything you buy will truly be uniquely your own.

Since launching in 2010, however, the store has seen some changes through the years – mostly due to Annie and Leah’s attention to the shifting demands of their customers.

While the two dedicated mothers still work with largely the same materials, namely precious stones, pearls and crystals, melded with different kinds of metals, they have begun to incorporate more red and expensive stones into their designs.

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“Our retailers now play a large part in guiding our designs, as our clientele is constantly changing – for example, we have more requests for red and expensive stones which suggests to us that we have more Asian and local clients,” they share.

But their main influences in their design processes remain the same: “We follow colour trends for each season very closely, and are greatly inspired by our travels to the U.S., India, China, Petra and Morocco.”

Of the pieces in their collection, their favourites are the Labradyte (stone of strength) bracelets; the Dana necklace, which is made of different coloured stones held together by metal links and detachable charms at the end; 100mm pearl necklaces; and the dusty bracelet, made up of pearls, precious stones and moonstones.

Outside of Stones That Rock, Leah is a true travel shopper and always makes time to shop whenever she’s out of town, though remains strangely brand loyal when shopping locally. Annie, on the other hand, is a little more impulsive and often falls prey to a fashionable piece calling out to her from a storefront window.

Their favourite cities to shop in? “Tokyo and the U.S.!” they squeal in unison.

Stones That Rock | Singapore | Travelshopa


Image of Annie-Lize and Leah courtesy of Littleones Photography



Stones That Rock

19 Jalan Kilang Barat, #02-06 Acetech Centre Singpore 159361



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