When it comes to your big day, it’s only natural that you’d want to look beautiful, elegant, and of course, special. That means a unique gown, hairstyle, flower arrangements, decorations and so on. And the same should go for your accessories.

Bridal accessories are an absolute must have for any bride, but if you’re looking for a necklace set that aren’t likely to appear in an acquaintance’s wedding photos, we highly suggest heading down to local boutiques in Singapore to see what they’ve got to offer.

After all, while commercial brands might offer a larger selection of bridal accessories, indie boutiques offer limited quantities, so the chances of having someone else with the same set aren’t very high. Plus, since most local boutiques either design their own accessories or source their wares from all over the world, you’ll find incredibly unique, and sometimes even a little exotic, pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

Here are five local brands with the most beautiful, elegant and special bridal accessories we’ve spotted across Singapore.




At Peachy, you’ll find accessories brought over from emerging designers all over the world, from Scandinavia and Europe to Australia and the United States. And the boutique doesn’t believe in small, subtle pieces – after all, weddings are the one occasion where women are allowed to go over the top with their accessories, so why not go nuts with it? From cuffs, earrings, bracelets and necklaces to ornate hairpieces and classy sandals, Peachy offers colourful, handcrafted statement pieces that are sure to add a sparkle to any gown.

Peachy | Cushion Cut Crystal Necklace, Bridal accessories | Tie the Knot in Style | Travelshopa




Just as how clothes are an excellent reflection of a woman’s style and personality, Pinwheel Jewels believe that jewellery should be an accurate expression of a woman’s personal style as well. That’s why the online boutique makes it a point to offer a wide range of styles, because every woman deserves to express herself through beautiful, ornate accessories. And that belief is even more fitting when it comes to the once-in-a-lifetime occasion: a wedding. Take the opportunity to express yourself utterly on your special day – whether with designs created by renowned artisans or pieces fashioned by up-and-coming artists.


Pinwheel, Bridal accessories | Tie the Knot In Style | Travelshopa




If you’re a lover of nature, culture and all things vintage, then My Vintage Jewel Box is just the perfect source of bridal accessories for you. Designed and handmade by local jewellery artist Ryn, each piece is made with the finest materials, such as 14 to 22K gold, U.S. sterling silver and natural gemstones. The result is vintage, nature-inspired jewellery reminiscent of an old piece you might find in your grandmother’s jewellery box, and classy, timeless designs that would never go out of style. Even better, Ryn creates bespoke pieces so you can have jewellery of your dreams.




There are boutiques that just talk the talk, but then there are those that really walk the walk. Lustre is one of the latter. Owners Anaita Thakkar and Mitali Das waste no time in explaining what the store is all about on its Facebook Page, and simply cuts to the chase with images of their amazingly intricately designed jewellery that will simply take your breath away. All pieces are handcrafted with semi-precious stones, so you are guaranteed that each piece is different from the next, since natural stones are all different from one another. It doesn’t take an expert to notice just how unique and beautiful the earrings, cuffs, necklaces and bracelets are, particularly in the way the different stones are mixed and matched together and blended perfectly with gold and silver metals to create absolutely stunning pieces of work.




Local designer Carolyn Kan has really made a name for itself over the past few years for its quirky yet beautiful accessory designs, yet with each new collection, the brand never disappoints; but only impresses us more and more. And with their new bespoke services, which allows couples to request wedding rings designs based on their own specifications, or through sharing their love stories which Kan will translate into one-of-a-kind designs, Carrie K. is fast becoming the ultimate go-to place for bridal accessories.



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