Local jewellery designer Carrie K. has made it to our lists of Top Statement Jewellery Designs for Mothers’ Day, Most Talented Jewellery Designers in Singapore and is constantly one of our top picks at mostly any boutique that stocks them – and you can be sure it’s for good reason.

Their whimsical, yet elegant designs have a way of standing out from the crowd while speaking volumes about the wearer’s personality.

And now, Carrie K. has found a way to breathe even more personality into its designs; the artisan jeweller has launched Carrie K. Bespoke, which offers customisation services for wedding and engagement rings.

Carrie K. gets personal | What's New | TravelshopaIt’s only fitting; after all, weddings ought to be a one-of-a-kind experience for every couple, and the same should go for wedding bands. By mixing up precious metals and different textures, each ring design will be different – exclusive to each and every couple.

To make sure that every pair is unique and meaningful to their wearers, Carolyn Kan, founder and designer of Carrie K. Artisan Jewellery ensures that the wedding couple is constantly involved in the design process.

Carrie K. gets personal | What's New | TravelshopaPrepare to share your love story with her, as she translates your stories and personalities into ring designs that will come to symbolise your love and marriage for the rest of your lives.

To top it off, each piece is individually handcrafted so attention to detail is pretty much a given.

No challenge is too great for Carrie K. – even if the bride and groom have very different personalities. She simply merges two different metals, 14K Rose Gold and Sterling Silver, that come together to form the shape of the infinity symbol to represent how two contrasting elements can become one for all eternity.

Carrie K. gets personal | What's New | TravelshopaIn another instance of contrasting tastes, Carrie K. combines a circle and square into a single design – the square reflects the groom’s straight-laced outlook in life and the circle, the bride’s vivacious and creative personality.

Carrie K. Bespoke is available at the Carrie K. Atelier, 136 Bukit Timah Road. Opening Hours: Sat: 2pm – 7pm. Mon – Fri: By Appointment Only. To make an appointment call 6735 4036. 

Carrie K. gets personal


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