One week in Bali never seems long enough. It is hard to take in enough of the climate, the food and of course the endless shopping. While we prepare our best of Bali shopping guide, here are a few snaps to help you dream about the tropical paradise.

Tropical Paradise, Bali | Wooden Door | Travelshopa

Do not disturb!

Tropical Paradise, Bali | Cabana | Travelshopa

Cabana time.

Tropical Paradise | Poolside | Travelshopa

I’m not leaving…

Tropical Paradise | Colourful Bicycle | Travelshopa

The colours of shopping.

Tropical Paradise | Clouds in the Sky | Bali

Big sky Bali

Tropical Paradise | Wood Shopfront | Travelshopa

Creative roadside

Tropical Paradise | Vintage Bicycle | Travelshopa

Vintage bicycles pop up all over the place

Tropical Paradise | Balinese Fish | Travelshopa

Can’t beat a fresh fish smothered in local flavours

Tropical Paradise | Large Coconuts | Travelshopa

Juice of the Gods

Tropical Paradise | Food| Travelshopa

My body is a temple (sort of)

Stay tuned for more from Bali.


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