Carmen and Natasha may have both lived all over the world separately – Australia-born Carmen has spent some time in Sydney and London, while Indonesia-born Natasha has lived in Australia, Germany and the U.S. – but after four years living on the sunny island of Singapore, there is nowhere else that they’d call home.

Their sophisticated taste in fashion and sharp eye for design have propelled their fashion blog, Carmen & Natasha, into the limelight in the few months since they started it up in September last year, so we were psyched that we managed to get a quick interview with the fashionable pair.

We know that they’re both fans of local label hansel, but how exactly do they describe their personal styles and shopping habits? We’ve got the scoop:

Lulu Bare | Carmen & Natasha, Fashion Blogger | Travelshopa


How would you describe your blog, and is it an accurate portrayal of your personal styles?

C: If I could sum our blog up in just five words, it’d be fashion, independent, local, window-shopping and girlfriends. We really support the local scene and fully encourage women to be confident and independent in their individual styles. And as women, we know that we spend more time window-shopping than actually buying anything so our blog gives people the window-shopping experience without them having to actually leave their homes. And they can still do it with their girlfriends – shopping is, after all, a social activity.

N: I would say our blog is fun, lighthearted, honest, relatable and very girly, which matches our fashion sense as well. While Carmen and I both love very classic looks, Carmen goes for more practical, yet still feminine, pieces, while I lean more towards elegant looks, with a touch of glam. And all that shows in the photos we post in our blog.


What’s your favourite local shopping spot, and what are some of the local brands you have in your closet?

C: Our absolute favourite local shopping spots are Tiong Bahru and Haji Lane. Both of us have plenty of hansel pieces in our wardrobes, but I’ve recently also become a fan of Lulu Bare.

N: I have some vamastyle pieces in my closet as well, though my most recent local designer buy was this great black lace and crème sweater from hansel.

Vamastyle | Carmen & Natasha, Fashion Blogger | Travelshopa


What kind of shopper would you say you are?

C: I’m probably a bit of a mix. I’m quite a brand loyal shopper, but sometimes – well, many times, I can’t resist the urge to make an impulse buy. That is, if I’m not in one of my wandering window shopper moods.

N: For me, I’m pretty much the same as Carmen – I like to stick to the brands I know and love, but, I must say, I’m heavy on the impulse buying. I have a lot less self-control than she does!


On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love to shop when you travel, and what are some of your favourite countries to shop in?

C: Nine. But I don’t necessarily just buy clothes when I travel – it could also be homewares, jewellery or other quirky items. London and New York are my two favourite places to shop in.

N: TEN! And just like Carmen, I love shopping for unique items that aren’t necessarily clothing. My favourite places are definitely Melbourne, Hong Kong, Florence and NYC, but I would really like to go to Marrakech and really explore Paris.


What are you most excited about for Travelshopa’s new site? 

C: Seeing what it looks like and how it will change the online directory space! I’ve been using it to find new places to shop so it’d be interesting to see its new look.

N: More content! I usually use it as a reference for new shopping or to find out more about certain local designers. I look forward to seeing more content on where to find more great shopping!


You can read more about Carmen & Natasha on their blog!


Carmen & Natasha, Fashion Blogger | Travelshopa

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