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If someone were to tell you that Singapore is a pretty ‘green’ city, you’d probably think it has more to do with its lush greenery than its eco-conscience. But you’d be surprised by the quality of eco-fashion in Singapore. “Fast fashion” has always been a touchy subject in the fashion industry, but we are glad to have discovered a commendable sum of sustainable fashion labels sprouting around the city. Uncompromising on style, these indie labels are making waves for creating a fashion statement with a conscience.



Uncompromising on style and quality

Available online.

As one of Singapore’s first green fashion labels, Etrican is the pioneer of the local eco-lifestyle movement. The company was founded by two partners with one dream: to make sustainable fashion the norm rather than a niche. That’s why you’ll find that all of Etrican’s men and women collections, which include T-shirts, tops, skirts, dresses and rompers, are made with 100% certified organic cotton. At the core of their eco-friendly clothes and accessories, Etrican puts strong emphasis on not compromising style and quality.






Vegan fashion label

Available at Imybags Pte Ltd, #B1-22/23/24, Tanglin Shopping Centre, 19 Tanglin Road, Singapore 247909 | Also available online.

As Singapore’s first vegan fashion label, Pachelbel is dedicated to meeting the high fashion demands of design, quality, and credible workmanship while maintaining sustainability for animals in this modern, and increasingly eco-conscious society. That’s why their fashion products are made from materials like bicast leather, polyurethane leather, vinyl polymer, nylon and jacquard embroidery with in-house designed fittings to bring out the uniqueness of each design.




Jewellery label that helps post-conflict communities

Available online.

It’s one thing to create jewellery out of old landmines and unexploded ordnance, but it’s another to utterly transform such scrap metal into wonderfully fashionable and stylish jewellery designs. And that’s precisely what Saught does. But it’s not all just in the name of saving the environment – Saught also strives to help post-conflict communities. That’s why each design conveys a special story about transformation, not to mention the fact that all profits are re-invested into helping out countries that are recovering from recent conflicts.

Saught | Eco friendly fashion in Singapore | Eco-friendly Fashion and Accessories in Singapore | Travelshopa



The Nomadic Trails

A brand that seeks to connect artisans in developing countries to the global market

Available online.

The Nomadic Trails brings forth a blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern styles, exploring off the beaten path for well-curated and sustainable products. The brand carries an array of Balinese-inspired fashion accessories, home décor and textiles – think the tropics intertwined with Bali’s rich culture. With a mission to empower and connect passionate artisans in developing countries around the world to the global market, it is no wonder the team takes pride in their well-curated selection.

The Nomadic Trails | Eco-Fashion in Singapore | Travelshopa


The Tree Shirt House

T-shirts that spread the word about endangered species’

Available online.

The Tree Shirt House specialises in what they call “wildlife storytelling T-shirts”. Made with 100% organic cotton, each T-shirt features an endangered animal, with a unique story behind its plight. So with every shirt you buy, you learn a little about an endangered species and contribute to a charity, as USD5 from each sale goes to a cause. Plus, each design and colour is limited to 500 T-shirts each, sold through their online store. The Tree Shirt House also boasts a collection dedicated to kids!



Touch The Toes

Comfortable and sustainable yogawear

31 Arab Street, 2nd floor Singapore 199730 | Also available online.

When it comes to yoga wear, you want comfortable, yet flattering attire that feels great against your skin as your work your body into the various yoga poses. And that’s precisely what Touch The Toes offers. Plus, it also carries labels that use only organic cotton, bamboo blends and recycled/ up-cycled materials that are all sustainably produced.




Organic bamboo fibre clothing

82 Haji Lane, Singapore 189272 | Also available online.

Zhai is a Singaporean fashion label that focuses on eco fashion by producing Bamboo clothing of the highest standard. They believe in luxury with a conscience and feature clean and simple designs all done in super-soft bamboo. Using 100% organically grown Bamboo fibre, Zhai creates original designs of leisurewear, office wear, sportswear and manchester.





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