Bespoke through to ready-to-wear have quickly become key offerings by the best tailors in Singapore. However what makes them “the best”? And what is the difference between Ready-to-Wear, Made-to-Measure and Bespoke?

We searched for creators of quality suits in Singapore and discovered the finest suits appropriate for formal, casual through to office wear. The tailors in Singapore are specialists in creating pieces that cater well for the local climate, yet are perfectly travel-ready, offering reasonable prices and a highly personalised service that blends experience with a high dose of creativity. The result? Amazing suits from head to toe that make up the ultimate ingredients to becoming a dapper man.

First, let’s get down to the basics:

Ready-to-Wear. Basically, you like the suit hanging on the rack, you try it on, it fits, you pay and you leave. To fit perfectly on the body, the suit may require some alterations, which can be offered by the tailor or you may choose to take it elsewhere.

Made-to-Measure. Takes the design/pattern of a ready-to-wear suit and customises the fabric, colour, buttons etc. Ordering a made-to-measure garment requires measurements to be taken and then a base pattern is selected. Delivery time can differ between tailors so it is best to ask up-front.

Bespoke. As The Black Label defines it, “The term ‘bespoke’ is from the days of old when a gentleman would handpick his choice of fabric and his tailor would mark it as ‘bespoken for’. It uses an age-old traditional form of tailoring in which a gentleman chooses his preferred pattern and design, and a suit is tailored for him based on his measurement.” Again, delivery time will depend on the level of customisation and fabric availability.

Now, the all-important question: Where to suit up, whether in ready-to-wear, made-to-measure or bespoke forms? Here are our top menswear tailors in Singapore:




Exquisite fabrics and great fits

89 Club Street, 2nd Floor, Singapore 069457. By appointment only.

More than just your friendly neighbourhood tailor, this bespoke menswear label has a fierce eye for detail and sources the most exquisite fabrics for its garments. Experienced in creating bespoke menswear, Aston Blake also carries a wide range of ready-to-wear tailored suits and shirts. Should sizing be an issue, items can be made-to- measure at no additional cost. What makes Aston Blake different is the way they work their tailoring with their in-store stylist to ensure that each man walks out with a suit (or shirt) that fits perfectly and has been crafted according to his personal style and look.

Aston Blake | Tailors in Singapore | Travelshopa




Signature hand stitched shirts with french seams

55B/C Boat Quay, Singapore 049844. By appointment only. | Accessories and shoes are also available online.

It’s not often you come across a young experienced tailor who was schooled by tradition. Kevin Seah’s appreciation for all things classic can be seen in his approach to tailoring. Kevin Seah’s suits feature stand out details such as hand canvassing, linings, trims and buttons (genuine real horn buttons or mother of pearl). The signature hand-stitched shirts with French seams and cutting-edge range of ties, should definitely be on your to-browse list when you drop by.

Kevin Seah | Tailors in Singapore | Travelshopa


Q Menswear

Fit for every occasion

116A Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068585

Q Menswear features styles fit for every occasion, whether you’re dressing for business, leisure or would like to have a go at experimenting a new look. This premium menswear emporium prides itself in offering a selection of bespoke and ready-to-wear pieces to complete every man’s sartorial needs. Complete the look of a modern gentleman with grooming products and accessories that are also accessible at Q Menswear.

Q Menswear | Tailors in Singapore | Travelshopa
Q Menswear | Tailors in Singapore | Travelshopa

Tailors in Singapore


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