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Although fashion weeks all around the globe feature menswear or men’s fashion, it is often overlooked, and comes very much after women’s fashion (if at all). In addition, many believe that women appreciate unique ‘style’ much more than men, hence designers place a much stronger focus on women’s clothing. Furthermore, many designers initially start designing for women and later on also adopt a mens clothing line. Should you believe all, or any, of the above you would conclude that menswear comes second to women’s fashion.

Since we don’t (want to) believe the above, and we know there are many men who seek fashionable attire for work and play, we have picked out these menswear designers in Singapore who are capturing the attention along the runways in Singapore and beyond!




Biro emotes a timeless style with a minimalist approach in terms of design and style. The minimalist approach in design keeps focus on the quality of the brand. Premium materials are strategically sourced from around the globe with precise tailoring from artisans in Japan. Accompanying accessories like cardholders, clutches, caps and tote bags are also available. This is how you rock timeless staples that will be the anchor amid fashion’s shifting tides.

Biro | Menswear Designers in Singapore | Travelshopa



The evenodd philosophy stems from the co-existence of polar opposites. Stylist, photographer and a self-taught designer, Samuel Wong, transposes his inspiration from the prim and proper dressing of gentlemen of yesterday with a contemporary twist. Evenodd pieces are produced from handpicked material and trimmings and carefully selected seams, stitching and buttons.

evenodd | Menswear Designers in Singapore | Travelshopa




This Lasalle College of the Arts graduate is a one-man show. Not only does fashion designer Kay-Jen personally meet his clients and liaise with suppliers (the tailoring of shirts, jackets and trousers is outsourced to Singapore-based tailors), he also handles social media marketing for the brand. KAY-JEN aesthetics are defined by the juxtaposition of classical menswear tailoring – that includes quality fabrics, clean lines and classic proportions – coupled with contemporary fashion styles and cuts.

Kay Jen | Menswear Designers in Singapore | Travelshopa
Kay-Jen | Menswear Designers in Singapore | Travelshopa


Kevin Seah Bespoke

Men can now stay away from the usual cookie-cutter styles as Kevin Seah dares to be different. This veteran Singapore designer emphasises on meticulous attention to detail and unique touches like crest buttons on blazers and hand-stitched suede labels. Patchwork jackets with experimental patterns, quirky cufflinks, classy suspenders and handmade pocket squares are just a fraction of items that sets Kevin Seah apart from other menswear boutiques.

 Kevin Seah Bespoke | Menswear Designers in Singapore | Travelshopa
 Kevin Seah Bespoke | Menswear Designers in Singapore | Travelshopa


The Shirt bar

Aptly named The Shirt Bar, this men’s boutique delivers in providing all the essentials for a true gentleman. They live by the notion that style is an expression of one’s self. Hence, shakes things up a little by bringing an array of trendy patterns and unique textures to the table. New designs are constantly produced throughout the season to ensure endless trendy choices.

The Shirt Bar | Menswear Designers in Singapore | Travelshopa


Menswear Designers in Singapore


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