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Singapore is loved for many things. Whether this love is for the cosmopolitan city-state, the cleanliness and safety of the city, the top-notch bars and restaurants, the green lusciousness, or the locals’ take on English, Singlish, everyone loves something about the place. However, Singapore is prized by many (and most) for its shopping!

Singapore is going through exciting “shopping” times at the moment. This is mainly due to the metropolis striving to claim the title of Asia’s Best Shopping Destination. In doing so, shopping malls get bigger and better, more shopping strips evolve and online shopping makes its mark.

Shopping is a big part of life for Singaporean residents. And the ease of it all makes shopping somewhat a “national sport”. Sadly, much of this love is for international brands. Many are unaware that local shopping availability and variety are on the up, pricing is competitive, opening hours are long, and more businesses are beginning to have an online presence.

However, before taking on shopping in Singapore, there are a few key pointers one should know about the local shopping scene.

Local shops, local brands. With the shopping scene on the fast track it is no surprise that the rise of local shopping is occurring. This emergence gives shoppers greater choice for goods with individuality, originality or uniqueness. Whether you are after fashion, gifts or homewares there is an abundance of locally owned bricks and mortar stores, pop-up stores, fairs and markets or online shops. You just need to know where to find them…

Pricing. Singapore local shopping scene also offers competitive prices. Stores are not typically bound to “sale season” like many other cities, so you will find most stores having spot sales at any time. A busy time for shoppers (and many shops) is the annual Great Singapore Sale (GSS). Many local shops, local brands participate in GSS, as well as a number of other shopping network promotions. The GSS  is usually held from June to August and in 2013 is celebrating its 20th birthday from 31 May till 28 July 2013.

Shop times. Shopping in Singapore is also a day-night affair, everyday of the week. Shopping malls and bricks and mortar stores generally open between 9am and 11am in the morning and close between 7pm and 10pm, in some cases later.

Seasons. Although located in the tropics with a weather forecast is permanently 33 degrees Celsius with afternoon thunderstorms, shopping in Singapore seems to generally follow the northern hemisphere seasons. Having said that, it is not uncommon to find bikinis on a rack next to winter coats between November and February. Singapore also follows local as well as many international festivities so you will see streets, malls and shops celebrating Chinese New Year, Easter, Christmas, Ramadan, Deepavali and Valentine’s Day.

Online shopping. Online shopping in Singapore has seen enormous growth in recent years. Shipping terms, pricing, return policies and payment methods are mostly on par with some of the biggest eTailer offering from around the world. Many local shops, local brands have set up online stores making shopping in Singapore and from Singapore (to overseas locations) all that more accessible. Check out some of our favourite online local shops.

Local emerging designers are popping up all the time, and so are amazing locally owned shops stocking a variety of brands. This continuously changing landscape only supports our claim that local shopping in Singapore is definitely a world-class experience, and it’s only going to get better!
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Guide to shopping in Singapore


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