Valentine’s Day is fast approaching… you may be beginning to feel a little romantic. Do you have to give? Do you want to receive? What do you give? What will you receive? Whether you are into it or not, Valentine’s Day is reported to be the second most celebrated holiday around the world second to New Year’s Day. With that in mind, we say you may as well get on board the love train!

While Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day of exchanging greeting cards, in recent years (well, since the 80s when the diamond industry jumped on Cupid’s bow) it seems gift giving is what it is all about. And for some.. the “bigger”, the better.

We asked around for suitable gift ideas for a lady and everyone kept coming back to the old favourite, jewellery. With accessories very much in fashion and many women loving the bling, you really can’t go wrong with jewellery. A Valentine’s Day gift doesn’t need to be the great purchase ever (she won’t complain if it is) but something a little personal should keep the love flowing.

Here are our pick of local shops, local brands which specialise in jewellery and accessories in Singapore. So you may want to leave this page open on your browser or a hardcopy lying around. Better still; just slip a printout into the side pocket of someone’s briefcase if you need to be a little more brazen. Our “research” suggests that he may just be looking for a little guide just like this.



All About 8

Items range from $10-$150.

Available at a.f.d.c. Fashion + Cafe, Orchard Gateway, #03-01, Singapore 238858 | Also available online.

All About 8 is a local fashion accessories store that showcases an eclectic range of quality fashion accessories from Asia, United States, Australia and Europe. From the bold and trendy to the elegant and classic, it has just the right pieces for the right woman, for the right occasion.



Chakra Ma

Items range from $10-$400.

Available online.

Meaningful, energetic and sacred creations designed specifically with the intention to tap into a specific Chakra; your reservoir of potential. Each Chakra symbol is enhanced with high quality gemstones to inspire and activate each Chakra more deeply.

Chakrama | Jewellery for all budgets | Travelshopa



Creative Jewellery

#02-56/57 Shaw Towers Gallery, 100 Beach Road, Singapore 189702

Uniquely designed and fabulous handcrafted jewellery that uses Swarovski crystal beads, semi-precious beads, freshwater pearls and lamp-work beads, glass beads.



Doorstep Luxury

Items range from $10-$750.

Doorstep Luxury is Asia’s premier luxury e-commerce site with a brick-and-mortar presence. With collections of some of Singapore’s greatest accessory designers, you can’t go wrong here.

Doorstep Luxury | Jewellery for all budgets | Travelshopa



Elverd Designs

Items range from $200-$500.

Available online.

Classic, beautifully handmade jewellery from hand-selected and cut gemstones using the highest quality sterling silver and finish each piece off in a white gold finish. Elverd Designs | Jewellery for all budgets | Travelshopa




Items range from $50-$200.

Available at various stockists.

Classic, colourful and textured with a distinctive Asian touch. Taking inspiration from classic Asian design and Zen simplicity Georgie creates jewellery that is simply gorgeous yet understated, perfect to highlight that chic resort look or a glamorous evening.



Marilyn Tan Jewellery

Items range from $80-$2,000.

Available at various stockists.

All of the jewellery at Marilyn Tan Jewellery is handmade, handcrafted and hand-finished.  The one-of-a-kind pieces are made in mostly 925 silver, 18k white and yellow gold. As a highly distinguished jewellery designer in Singapore, Marilyn Tan draws design inspiration from the natural world, architecture and her own environment to create these unique contemporary pieces.

Marilyn Tan | Jewellery for all budgets | Travelshopa



Stones That Rock

Items priced up to $500.

#02-06, 19 Jalan Kilang Barat  Acetech Centre, Singapore 159361 | Also available online.

Fun, fashion jewellery that uses a mix of freshwater pearls, semi precious stones and crystals. The range offers a mix of both contemporary and classic pieces designed to enhance an outfit and raise the spirit. The philosophy behind Stones That Rock is one of fun, flexibility and value.


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Jewellery for all budgets


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