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Wheelock Place is an exciting cosmopolitan shopping destination at the heart of Orchard Road that meets every demand of the stylish urbanite. This 7-floor shopping haven has transformed its basement (B1 and B2) into a local shopping heaven and is home to many local stores and brands – not a single chainstore in sight!! Whether you ‘re a resident or visitor, we highly recommend that you visit these local gems to discover some of our most loved local brands that deal with fashion, accessories, bags, shoes, home wares and gift ideas. These fashion boutiques are just a fraction of the exciting local and independent labels offered in their pecuilarly shaped shopping mall.




Contemporary lifestyle store for men

#02-14 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, Singapore 238880

We can’t think of anyone who’d reject the idea of a lifestyle store brimming with limited edition pieces that reflect clever design, craftsmanship and innovation. We’re guessing, neither could Cumulus. The contemporary lifestyle store offers everything you’ll need to get into the good books of your men. We’re talking about backpacks, hoverboards, scooters, wallets, bottles and accessories to Star Wars merchandise. Featured brands include Gnome & Bow, Daniel Wellington, Cote & Ciel, Moleskin and Hypergrand. Ladies! They also offer a humble collection of deletable items, just for you.

 Cumulus | Guide to shopping in Wheelock Place | Travelshopa
 Cumulus | Guide to shopping in Wheelock Place | Travelshopa


Eclecticism & Lauren Jasmine

Stylish casual and work-appropriate outfits

#B1-06 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, Singapore 238880

Targeted towards the discerning woman, Eclecticism, together with its sister brand Lauren Jamsine, brings forth a diverse range of women’s fashion brands from New York, Los Angeles and London. Keep a lookout for popular favourites like their jersey and silk dresses, as well as a display of quirky accessories. It’s counterpart, Lauren Jasmine offers work-appropriate pieces that embrace the designs from Eclecticism – so you can retain a similar style with your workwear.

 Eclecticism & Lauren Jasmine | Guide to shopping in Wheelock Place | Travelshopa
 Eclecticism & Lauren Jasmine | Guide to shopping in Wheelock Place | Travelshopa



Kids apparel from Europe

#03-05 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, Singapore 238880

Marasil is a breath of fresh air amidst the various fashion boutiques in the mall. Specifically made for kids’ sensitive skin, Marasil offers apparels of unparalleled quality and unique styles for infants to toddlers – with the newborn collection made with organic cotton and bamboo. The girls’ collection offers a range of adorable headbands and bags to accompany its irresistible dresses for every occasion. A visit to Marasil and the kids will be looking smart in no time.




Comfortable and eco-friendly “jelly” shoes

#B2-03 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road, Singapore 238880

It’s hard to find a fashionista who wasn’t over the moon when news hit that Melissa shoes were finally arriving to Singapore. As the original “jelly” shoe brand, this Brazilian label revolutionised women’s footwear in 1979 with its unconventional designs that combine art, luxury and self-expression. Not only are they fashionable (Melissa has collaborated with renowned designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Jason Wu and Jean Paul Gaultier), the shoes are also comfortable and eco-friendly – a plus point for any fashion label!

Melissa | Guide to shopping in Wheelock Place | Travelshopa



Fun and Quirky Local Designs

#02-12 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road 238880

A popular spot for design enthusiasts, Naiise is just the place to tour if you’re in need of original, well-designed products and daily design inspirations. You’ll uncover a distinct range of furniture, home accessories, prints, stationery and even fashion at this multi-concept boutique. Naiise also serves as a platform where designers may promote and showcase their products to wider audiences. We particularly love how they’ve captured the essence of Singapore through quirky local art prints, stationery, accessories and jewellery. Check it out if you’d fancy a little takeaway from this sunny island.

Naiise | Guide to shopping in Wheelock Place | Travelshopa



For the discerning shopper

#B1-04 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road 238880

Southaven offers a wide range of womenswear for the discerning shopper.  Their local designers understand what Singaporean and international ladies need when it comes to work wear, nights out and weekend outings. Their understated, sophisticated and stylish designs make for perfect wardrobe additions. We’ve caught ourselves making far too many visits to this hidden gem.

Southhaven | Guide to shopping in Wheelock Place | Travelshopa



Threadbare & squirrel

Curated brands from around the world

#02-20 Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Road 238880

From the tunes being played, right down to the scent of the shop, this multi-label indie boutique ensures you are spoilt with a memorable experience. No surprises that you will unearth a carefully curated selection of the finest and edgiest designer items that will make you go “ooh” and “aah”. These fashion pieces, accessories and trinkets are created from passionate designers from all around the globe, including Singapore, New Zealand, Korea, Japan and Australia. A trendy emporium not to miss!

Threadbare and Squirrel | Guide to shopping in Wheelock Place | Travelshopa


Guide to Shopping in Wheelock Place

Address: 501 Orchard Road 238880

Opening hours: 10am-10pm

Parking: Carpark entrance via Angullia Park

Nearest MRT: Orchard Station

Wheelock Place, Singapore | Guide to shopping in Wheelock Place | Travelshopa



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