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Image: Self Magazine

For most, warm weather is one of life’s pleasures. Many count down the days till summer or a beach holiday. Some fortunate ones live in the tropics and are poolside all year round. Regardless of the situation, and occasion, many women spend endless hours searching for swimwear that suits their body, don’t find one, then spend their time in the sun covered up by clothing.

Fit is one of the most important factors when buying swimwear whether you are hourglass, straight up and down, a little top heavy, or exactly the opposite, or perhaps you are somewhere in between. That’s why have developed this guide; to help you find swimwear that is most flattering for you.

 Angelina Jolie | Swimwear by Body Shape | Travelshopa
 Angelina Jolie | Swimwear by Body Shape | Travelshopa

Image: The Wall Street Journal Magazine

Are you an apple, inverted triangle, an oval or a little top heavy?

Be: A little wide in the torso including a full bust, waist, upper back and broad shoulders with slim arms, legs, and hips

Think: Angelina Jolie

Do: Underwire, halter, thick straps, tops with plenty of coverage. Draw attention to your bottom by wearing darker block colours on top and patterns/bright colours on the bottom. String bikini bottoms were made for your body shape! Buying separate pieces will be great for you.

Don’t do: Strapless.

 Beyoncé | Swimwear by Body Shape | Travelshopa
 Beyoncé | Swimwear by Body Shape | Travelshopa

Image: Shape Magazine

Are you a pear (or exactly the opposite of an apple), a triangle or spoon?

Be: Smaller on top than on bottom. Weight gain will normally go to the hips and thighs. Pears will always have a curvy bottom.

Think: Beyoncé

Do: Strapless, halter or padded tops. Use colour and pattern up top. Mix and match your bikini to draw attention away from problem areas. Look for bikinis where you can buy pieces separately – a larger bottom and smaller top.

Don’t do: Frills, patterns and detail below the waist. Boy shorts.

 Jennifer Lawrence | Swimwear by Body Shape | Travelshopa
 Jennifer Lawrence | Swimwear by Body Shape | Travelshopa

Image: Glamour MagazineVanity Fair

Do you resemble an hourglass and are exactly what most women want?

Be: Curvy but proportional. You have a well-defined waist with hips and shoulders that are well balanced.

Think: Jennifer Lawrence

Do: You have a lot of options here and you can get away with many styles. The tankini, halter, triangle, string bikinis. A little bit of extra support up top would be good!

Don’t do: Mix and match as this will make you look disproportionate.

 Kate Hudson | Swimwear by Body Shape | Travelshopa
 Kate Hudson | Swimwear by Body Shape | Travelshopa

Image: Shape Magazine

Are you a rectangle, straight up and down, banana or tube?

Be: Small framed and athletic or slim. You may have a small chest.

Think: Kate Hudson

Do: Girlie details are what you should be looking for… ruffles, ties, frills, etc will add volume to your frame. You are one of the only ones who can successfully do horizontal stripes. A side-tie bottom and high-leg cut will also do wonders for creating shape.

Don’t do: Vertical stripes.



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