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Have you had the same old swimwear for years? Are you too afraid to go shopping for new swimwear in fear of having to try them on? Of course, it doesn’t help that retailers plaster ‘aspirational’ images of waif-like models around their stores. Or perhaps you are among those who just don’t know how and where to shop for swimwear?

We bring you three simple things to remember when buying a swimsuit, bathing suit, swimming costume, tog, bather, or cossie… whatever you want to call it!



Fit and comfort level should be the two most important factors when choosing a swimsuit. Buy the correct-sized swimsuit, no matter what your figure may be.  Women should choose a right fit for their body and one that suits their personality.



Pick a swimsuit that highlights your pluses and hides the minuses. Bigger bottom coverage is not always flattering.  Sometimes small is better. Also, a higher leg cuts makes your legs look longer.



It should contain high quality materials.  Nylon hugs the body and accentuates the curves, and like Lycra or Spandex help slim you down. Check the spandex-to-nylon ratio, as fabrics with a higher concentration of spandex tend to be more expensive.

Nylon is pretty durable and usually ensures a good fit. It is usually mixed with other materials to add to their durability.

Lycra/Spandex is great for athletic / competitive sports.

Cotton you should only buy cotton suits if you’re planning on sun bathing only.

 3 Things to Remember When Buying Swimwear | How to | Travelshopa
 3 Things to Remember When Buying Swimwear | How to | Travelshopa

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